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Monday, January 29 2007

When I first arrived at Emerson College in the Fall of 2006, I was excited. Having just come from The University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA, I knew that things were going to change. Some for the better. I was going to be able to take classes in a major I was interested in persuing (Film), and I was going to be in an awesome city with tons of college kids (Boston, of course). Some things, however, surprised me. Due to the inability of staying in a campus dorm, I found it difficult to get a broad view of the events on and around campus. Orientation came and went and I felt stuck in a city with so much to offer but with no way to access its resources.

The 1880 is here to fill in the gap. Because so many students live off of the main campus, many are left in the dark for information about goings-on or events on or near campus. The link that students get in traditional college campus dorms is somewhat lost when the students are scattered throughout the large city the school is in.

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The 1880 is associated in no way, shape, or form with Emerson College in Boston, MA. Why?